Vargas Signature Branding For Teams

Become recognizable and raise the level of your professional images. 

Reasons to Brand Yourself with the Vargas Signature Branding package.

  • Create a professional image or raise the level of your current branding.

  • Lose the "New Agent Look"

  • Let your prospective clients know that your are serious and excited about your real estate career.

  • Create a cohesive look throughout all your marketing: business cards, signs, marketing, website, etc. Everything you put in front of your client can look consistently the same.

  • If you switch brokers you don't have to completely start over! Most agents will change real estate offices at least more than once in their career. If you brand all your marketing materials with your new look you'll always be recognizable wherever you move to! You'll already have created a unique and consistent look that your clients are familiar with.

  • Build "Your Personal Brand". As a real estate agent you are an independent contractor. Essentially, you are a business. Like most businesses their goal is to increase their brand value in the marketplace. 

What's Included:

  • Custom Photography Session with two wardrobe options and the choice of the top 4 images.

  • Our Best Retouching!

  • One Custom Design Concept in a Master Layered Photoshop Format File which can be distributed as need to whoever is doing your marketing.

  • Do you create your some of your own flyers or other marketing pieces in Microsoft or Apple Software? If so we will also distribute your design and or logo in smaller user friendly formats.

  • 1,000 double sided business cards

  • Facebook Banner

  • Email Signature

  • Photography Distributed in high resolution against the color of the design background as well as in transparent background PNG file format.

Price: $895

This package is for One Person Only. For 2 or more members see the Vargas Signature Branding for Teams.