New Real Estate Team Member, New Team photo?

When time comes to update that real estate team photo of yours you shouldn't have to start all over again. Putting together a team photograph requires investment in time and planning for our clients. Coordinating wardrobes and schedules, time invested not only in the initial session but having to do this every time your team changes can be challenging.

Vargas Creative Group offers a different approach that allows you to add or remove team members as needed. Change in teams is inevitable and our team session gives you the flexibility to update your team photograph without have to start all over again. With our approach we photograph everyone separately allowing us to not only make those needed changes but also allowing us to perfectly light and pose everyone just right. No more sorting through a ton of images where "she blinked" or "he didn't smile enough". Everyone is photographed separately and privately allowing the subject to give their best with ever shot!

Our Team Compositing System is applied not only to our TEAM Sessions but also to our Vargas Signature Branding for TEAMS package. [Click Here for Pricing and Booking Details]

Below is an example of a team session update with The Ervin Group of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services photographed about 1 year apart.

Updated Photo: 

Original Session: 

Original Session with The Ervin Group.

Examples of other Team and Team Branding Session photographed using our system.